Friday, November 5, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Ho...Not Yet!

Boy I don't know why this year of all years I am so ready for the holiday season.  Yesterday I spent going through all my dvd's to find the Santa Clause movies just so I could watch them while working.  I mean I alway love the Christmas season you can ask my husband about that.  But this year is different.  I guess part of it is for only the 3rd time in my life I will be away from home for Christmas in my own house.  Kinda makes you feel all grown up.  I get to plan what I want to do for dinner, what desserts I want to serve, and I get to watch my husband hand out the Christmas gifts.  It's bitter sweet, but needless to say I will miss my family dearly BUT Christmas is finally mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Insert evil laugh here)  My husband has no idea what he is in for this year.  I promised him no decorations would come out till after Thanksgiving...but oh the plans are already starting to formulate.  I am searching websites for new things to try...But before all that can come together we must celebrate my favorite holiday (besides Christmas)
Black Friday Shopping!!!
It's not insanity it's a tradition!  My bff and I have gone every year for the last 10 years whether we needed anything or not. It seperates the women from the mice...LOL  Here is a layout that I did of our shopping experience a couple years ago.
 The car was soo stuffed that we were wedging them in the backseat.  It was such a fun day!!

This was a card I sent to my bff as a kick off to the holiday.  I found the inspiration on the web a few years back.  I am sorry I didn't keep the credit for the person that came up with the idea.  But isn't this fun?

Well I am off to start scouting my Black Friday plans! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Oh yeah 21 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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